Newbie's Experience on Building 12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm

12 में 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm के निर्माण पर नौसिखिया का अनुभव

Graduation season, new colleagues have joined Weeemake. As a newbie, the first thing is to get to know Weeemake. This week, Ashley and Wendy assembled a Robot Arm Tank from the 12 in 1 WeeeBot Robotstorm for the first time, and documented this fun and challenging process. Below is Wendy's self-narrative:

The first time I came into contact with a robot, it was a robot that I could assemble myself.

Below is the assembly process that I documented. (internal version, no package)

Tall and intelligent human beings are born as babies at the beginning, and then grow from green seedlings to towering trees, and the same is true for robots.
However, this is the initial appearance of the formed robot that everyone is familiar with. I am looking forward to how these fine parts make up its body.

Assemble base and arm

The original look of the track

Assembly takes shape

The part of the movable arm needs to pay attention to many details. I installed some parts wrongly, so I had to disassemble and reinstall them.

Although there were some bumps and bumps along the way, the assembly was successfully completed in the end.

I thought there was a thick wall between the robot and pure liberal arts students like me. However, I personally assembled, disassembled, read the steps, checked the mistakes, corrected, checked, and watched it take shape step by step with my own hands. Only then did we understand that AI robots are separated from us.
Unveil the layers of ambiguity with a simple tool in hand - a screwdriver. Embark on a journey of practicality at dawn or dusk.
Without worrying about our academic background, let us cross the technological boundaries and encounter AI robots with a humble attitude of exploration.