• Starter Makerspace Kit
  • Starter Makerspace Kit
  • Starter Makerspace Kit
  • Starter Makerspace Kit

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Starter Maker Space Kit is a teaching product based on STEAM education concept, which integrates mechanical parts, electronic modules, software, and courses.

With the kit, at least 20 structures at different difficulty level can be constructed. Each structure is cleverly designed, simple and compact; the course is interdisciplinary, following the teaching theory of combining knowledge learning and hands-on practice.

Starter Maker Space Kit can build more than 20 different level structure. Each structure is in smart design, comply to Science and Physics subjects. This kit will teach and practice students with below abilities:
  • स्थानिक दृश्य 
  • हाथों पर क्षमता
  • यांत्रिक संरचना मान्यता
  • भौतिक दुनिया और दैनिक जीवन पर ज्ञान
  • अवलोकन, संवेदन और काम की आदत
  • टीम वर्क और शेयर
Makerspace Kit

Makerspace Kit

Makerspace Kit
मेकर्सस्पेस किट
SKU: 181010   
Parts: 2098 pcs/ 6 boxes
User: 3-4 students/kit
Tutorial: 20+ video tutorial
Students: 8-10 yrs old